Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rampant Capitalism Requires A World Socialist Revolution

Countries are "pieces on a chessboard upon which is being played out a great game for the domination of the world," wrote Lord Curzon, viceroy of India, in 1898. Nothing has changed. 

So begins a recent article by John Pilger, here , which I heartily recommend as he articulates so clearly many of the inherent causes of the problems we face at an ever-increasing rate as we struggle with the widening gap between haves and have-nots. What he describes, and has done for many years in books, articles and documentary films, is all a part of what, collectively, we need to grasp and take on board in order to recognise exactly what lies behind so much of our underlying day to day and year on year individual and global problems.

Too many divisions have been artificially created among us. It's good for control. The capitalist system has been very successful at manufacturing such divisions, keeping us wary of certain 'others', setting us against non-national workers and having us believe it's necessary to invade other lands for one spurious reason or another. National Security now keeps us under strict surveillance and requires censorship and worse, self-censorship.

Activists face growing crackdowns demonstrating and fighting for their various causes. Among the hundreds of separate issues each having their hard core of supporters are rallying points such as anti-war and arms sales, climate change and global warming, GMOs, drones, resource control, internet freedom, police states, transnational corporations' profits and control, neo-imperialism, gay rights, land-grabbing, anti-fracking and anti-nuclear - local, regional, national and international concerns. Some or all of these concerns impacting on the vast majority of the global population negatively and generally with little or no involvement or consultation, let alone agreement. Democracy is sadly lacking. All of these issues can be traced to a common cause - and that is the capitalist system, the system which demands profits as the number one priority.

When this is thoroughly absorbed and understood by enough citizen workers worldwide and the collective decision is made to stand together against the despised status quo, for whatever combination of reasons, then we can move forward together to bring about the world society of socialism - which is what this blog is all about.
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Anonymous said...

More bulshit! GMOs are good for you! Those activists resemble more brownshirts than anything. Anti-nuclear, anti-fracking? Obscurantists! Follow Vandana Shit advice and bend your back, work is energy, and renewable at that!

ajohnstone said...

The SPGB has no official position for or against GM. What we do say is that the working class do not possess the appropriate political power to say nay or yeah to it, the decisions are made by the State and that much of the evidence presented pro or anti is based upon vested interest. We seek and strive for a society that policies on technologies will be free from scientific/commercial bias and will be formulated by people as a whole who are fully informed.