Tuesday, October 22, 2013


(An Excruciating Exhibition
of Excremental Execration!)

1/ The gentlefolk of Blighty meet,                         
At Conference each year;
Filled with goodwill for all mankind,
Most joyous and sincere!

2/ But then old Satan rears his horns,
To vent his annual spleen;
Against the enemies within,
Both overt and unseen.

3/ The Nasty Party’s in full cry,
The baying of the mob;
The playing to the gallery,
And every Tory snob!

4/ The many hollow platitudes,
And promises galore;
The gawky gags to titillate,
The faithful on the floor.

5/ The sycophantic sucking-up,
To the Blue Rinse Brigade;
And to the would-be bourgeoisie,
Who think they’ve got it made.

6/ “Let’s gloat about austerity,
The plebs make such a fuss;
Aspire to be a millionaire,
And you’ll be one of us”!

7/ “Let’s hit the workers heavily,
Although we can’t afford;
To tax the filthy rich in case,
They chose to move abroad”.

8/ “Let’s bash all the unmarried mums,
Let’s whack the unemployed;
And persecute them with a glee,
And zeal that’s paranoid”.

9/ “Let’s stop the Eastern Europe hordes,
The E.U. you can keep;
But hang on--our employer pals,
Find immigrants come cheap”!

10/ “Let’s hang those fiddling Benefits,
Flog all the workshy bums;
Incarcerate those on the take—
Except our City chums”! 

© Richard Layton 

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