Monday, October 26, 2020

The only solution is socialist revolution

Regardless of the rhetoric and personality clashes, the outstanding characteristics of the American two-party system is the fact, the two major parties are so organized as to make it virtually impossible for the electorate to choose between clear-cut alternatives in elections. Whichever candidate prevails the administration will be run by the big-business cabinet, thus insuring the defeat of any serious social program.

The complete bankruptcy of the policy of supporting so-called “friends of labor” has been repeatedly exposed and reveals the urgent necessity for the immediate formation of an independent socialist party. The sad truth is that in the most terrific economic crisis in American history, the workers will voted their belief in the efficacy of capitalism to solve the ills of unemployment, low wages, etc. It is true that they may reject the reactionary administration of Donald Trump and accept the platitudes of Biden, but that, of course, is still a case of Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dummer. The shift basically was not a change from their capitalist outlook, but only a change of administrators of the system of private property. Sadly, it will be the affirmation of faith of the vast mass of American people in the social system of capitalism. Yet, while on one hand the American workers will give their approval to American political system as such they are girding themselves for struggles which will bring them into sharp conflict with capitalist property rights and ideas. Our fellow-workers often devise their own strategies in the class struggle, finding it necessary in the past for need for independent political experience and actions. One need will be no doubt that unorganized labor will add its forces to organized labor in common struggle. Workers’ discontent is already evident and is bound to grow enormously as the standard of living falls, as other burdens are piled upon them and they are denied corresponding wage increases and even the denial of the right to resort to the strike weapon. The entire history of the American labor movement shows that the workers tend to resort to independent political action when they find themselves defeated or frustrated on the economic field. There is every reason to believe that this tradition will assert itself more powerfully than ever in the coming period. With mounting pressure and difficulties imposed upon them, and the fact that they are stymied on the political field – must push workers into the direction of more imaginative and innovative expression of struggle and resistance, with increasing indifference to the Republican and Democratic parties. The rank and file workers, through their own experience will understand the interests of the working class and will act accordingly.  People will be watching what happens, checking out what really changes and this will expose the lies and tricks of the ruling class whether represented by Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

The progressives and militants in the Democratic Party have one great task before them from now on. Two roads remain to choose from. They can take the road of independent political action, or they can continue the present policy of tying themselves to capitalist politics, which in essence means support to the political representatives of the ruling class. The purpose of the state apparatus is to maintain the capitalist system. Joe Biden is just a representative of this ruling class and won’t have the power to change it. What he can do is run the government better or worse for the ruling class. Even his political program shows his class loyalties. Any changes offered by Biden are not for the people, but to save U.S. capitalists. Biden’s  program amounts to is little more than sugar-coated reformism. He and his backers understand that the people of the U.S. will not continue to accept no jobs, poor housing, decaying schools, lack of adequate health care, political repression and police brutality. They also understand the need to devise new means of ruling other than the open repression of the Trump administration.

 The World Socialist Party does not speak about a reformism. We are advocating revolution, a call to our fellow-workers to take power and change the whole system. As socialists, we support no bourgeois side in this election. Voting for Democrats or Republicans means supporting both parties’ attacks against the working class. Capitalism offers no future for workers of any color, any gender, any age. There is no real choice for workers in this election. Unless we build a socialist party we are accepting the rule of the capitalist parties. Workers  do have a stake in the struggle for democratic rights, including the right to vote. The working class needs a political alternative that meets the needs of our class. Our strength is in collective struggle, dedicated to overthrowing both the capitalist economic system and the state that protects it.

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