Monday, October 26, 2020

Choose your Master


The crisis of Democratic Party liberalism also means that there will be a growing polarization, with some Democrats moving to the right, but others being pushed more left
-ward. Today the conservative trend has the upper hand, and this is likely to continue. But the lies and tricks of the Democratic Party leadership are no longer convincing to a growing number of workers. Large sections of the working class no longer believe in the so-called “government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

The Democratic Party promise the voters everything. The Republican Party offer a do-nothing reactionary incumbent President and a TV reality show buffoon turned politician who openly campaigns on an authoritarian neo- fascist program, a double-dealing Wall Street pawn or a narcissist aspiring monarch. no wonder that little enthusiasm is being displayed for the up-coming elections by many.

While the great mass of people may distrust and dislike the candidates, and hate and fear the government that rules over them, the fact remains that the majority of people do not know of any other way to solve their social problems other than by leaders. It is in order to educate the working class in its own strength, in the justice and decency of its struggle, in the necessity of socialism that the World Socialist Party of the United States exists.  Socialists must run for office and participate in election campaigns. It is through such efforts that the basic corruptness of capitalism is shown to the working class. Using the forum of elections and political activity provides the working class with a rallying point  the hatred for capitalism finds a voice in the revolutionary socialist party.  Every action of the ruling class must be held up for exposure.

Biden gets up and says, ’Trump is corrupt. He’s tainted with Russiagate, he doesn’t care about the people who are unemployed, he doesn’t care if people are dying from the pandemic. He’s just going to let things go that way if it’s needed to help big business.’ And Biden is right.

Trump then gets up and says, ’Joe Biden is a liar. He’s not going to create more jobs. All of his programs like the Green New Deal can’t even be paid for. Its’s fake news and he is a fraud.’ And Trump is right.

Because either one of their programs is only going to continue this system. That’s the nature of the whole set-up.

How can you represent capitalists and working-people at the same time?  How can you speak for the slave-master and the slaves at the same time?  Right there is how you know that they’re liars. Anybody that gets up and says that they represent the slave-master and the slave at the same time is deceiving us. The World Socialist Party doesn’t talk about representing the slave-owner class. We represent the slaves and that’s all there is to it. And we’re determined that we aren’t going to be slaves no more. We refuse to give our our slave-masters to the stamp of approval to keep us enslaved by voting for them. The liberal media come along and say, ’You’re going to have one of them anyway so you might as well vote for the kinder master because, even though neither one of them is any good, you’re going to have one of them anyway so pick the least awful.

What they’re really telling us is, ’You’re going to have exploitation anyway, have oppression anyway, you’re going to be robbed and attacked and cheated and see your kids go hungry, see health care cut back, you’re going to have all that anyway no matter who is elected.’

And they’re telling the truth even though they’re trying to tell a lie. We should learn from that truth. What they’re saying is that as long as we have capitalism we will have exploitation and oppression anyway so you might as well vote for it because the real candidate is not Trump or Biden, the real candidate is their actual system of wage slavery that we’re being asked to vote for.

Capitalism cannot provide the minimum needs of the people. Regardless of, whether its Biden’s New Dealism or Trumps right-wing conservatism, American capitalism presents to the working class and the people as a whole only the prospect of continual crises, precarious employment, insecurity, and declining living standards. Our fellow-workers, increasingly conscious of the depths of the crises, will strive instinctively for a way out. They have demonstrated, time and time again, their willingness to struggle, their desire for independent class action. We can say with some certainty that the working class will brush aside phoney mis-leaders and move to great independent class action. The workers are foolishly supporting the capitalist class in wielding political power against them, for the workers still follow the boss parties.

Both the Democrats and Republicans are cut from the same cloth. They are both political parties of the capitalist class, of the ruling class, of the boss class

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