Thursday, October 22, 2020

Norway's Rich

 The Scandinavian welfare-state nations are often lauded as ideal examples of capitalism. But the inequalities of the capitalist economic system are often over-looked.

Gustav Magnar Witzøe (27) is already known as one of Norway's richest people, but in 2019 his fortune shot up. Witzøe increased its wealth by almost 2000 per cent, from NOK 1.02 billion from 2018 to NOK 20.68 billion in 2019. It shows tax figures Nettavisen has been given access to.

This is a clear new record in the fortunes of Witzøe, who was Norway's richest in 2016 with a net worth of NOK 11 billion.

Kjell Inge Røkke was Norway's richest person according to tax figures for 2018 with a net worth of NOK 18.6 billion.  Tax figures of Røkke's son Kristian Monsen Røkke (37). They show that he can enjoy a wealth increase that percentage is just as big as Witzøes. Røkke junior had a fortune in 2018 of NOK 19.3 million, it has now grown to NOK 398 million, i.e. a 20-fold increase in one year.

The heirs of the Andresen empire, 25-year-old Katharina G. Andresen and 24-year-old Alexandra Andresen, also enjoyed a sharp increase. Katharina's net worth has increased to NOK 5.89 billion, according to the tax figures for 2019. In 2018, the net worth was NOK 1.1 billion. Little sister Alexandra is on her side with a net worth of NOK 5.88 billion, up from NOK 1.07 billion in 2019.

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