Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Free School Dinners


The free school meals campaign hopes it can “make a difference” by helping to reduce child hunger and ameliorating child poverty that the present pandemic has increased and worsened yet it is just one among a number of many noble causes that cries out to be tackled and solved. 

Free school meals…increased welfare benefits…halting climate change…more resources for the NHS…where does it all stop?

Alas, however well-meaning and seemingly urgent they are, it’s obvious that single-issue campaigns can only solve one problem at a time. That is, even, if they succeed. 

And for every one that is successful, money is usually diverted from some other area of need, meaning that the net result for working-class people as a whole is zero or worse. 

You can join 1,001 campaigns and when they’ve ended, another 1,001 problems will have sprung up, while the gap between the richest and the poorest continues to increase.

Instead of going cap in hand for a few crumbs from the table of our lords and masters, why don’t you insist on grabbing the whole cake?

We invite you to join the only campaign that is relevant to the entire working class – the campaign to end the capitalist system once and for all and establish world-wide common ownership. 

No political leaders, no class-based society, no national borders, no money to squabble about because in a truly democratic world where resources are held in common, money won’t be needed.

If you really want to make a permanent difference, join the World Socialist Movement!


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