Saturday, July 20, 2019

Pulling the wool over the eyes

As one of May’s last acts as prime minister, Theresa May’s proposed a £2bn public sector pay rise, an announcement that made headlines about its generosity. 

But as usual the details revealed not all what it appeared.

Unions have criticized the pay rises as “selective handouts” that are unlikely to benefit essential workers including teaching assistants, care workers and refuse collectors. 

Only 2 million of 5.36 million public sector workers are expected to benefit and, with the exception of some extra funding for schools, the rises are expected to have to be drawn from existing budgets.

The GMB union said the alleged plans were “selective handouts” that will give nothing to support staff, most civil servants and people employed by local authorities.

The union’s national secretary, Rehana Azam, said: “Not only is this a pitiful pay rise, but it’s an insult to the millions of public sector workers it ignores. These are the people who look after us, help our children learn, and keep our towns and cities running."

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