Saturday, July 27, 2019

Fact of the Day

The Pentagon and its affiliated programs will get $1.48 TRILLION dollars over the next two years. The entire rest of government, including Veteran Affairs will get $1.30 trillion. That's $178.6 BILLION more for the Pentagon than the rest of government.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Forum is as moribund as a dead parrot. Whatever happened to JonDWhite? Perhaps if you weren't so keen to block contributors who were disrespectful to you the Forum might be a bit livelier. Oh, and you start too many threads.

ajohnstone said...

This isn't really the place to discuss the forum.
I'm guilty of being a frequent poster to the forum, hoping to either enliven it into debates or just to simply inform.

Matthew Culbert said...

It is not the place to discuss the Forum but it is factually incorrect to say we block people who are merely disrespectful.

We do block trolls or anyone who persistently engages in personal attacks.