Saturday, July 13, 2019

Claiming their inheritance

Claiming entitlement to their confiscated wealth, the heirs of the Kaiser once again go to court.

 They want the return of thousands of artworks, memorabilia and other historical artefacts from the German state. 

They want the restitution of tens of thousands of paintings, sculptures, coins, books and furniture.

They want to live in one of several luxurious properties, including Cecilienhof Palace.

The restitution negotiations are being spearheaded by Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, the great-great grandchild of Wilhelm II, the last emperor and king of Prussia, who was deposed.

So be it. If the riches of his fore-fathers are being "wrongly" with-held then so must be the sins of the father get passed on to the future generations. 

Let the Kaiser's descendants face trial for the numerous crimes against humanity committed by their ancestors in the course of the acquisition of these treasures. You'll soon see them disowning any connection to their antecedents.

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