Tuesday, February 07, 2017

THERE’LL ALWAYS BE AN ENGLAND! (Version Two) (apologies to John Betjeman)

With Parliament shortly about to vote on renewing Trident
at a cost of £Billions, the Government refuses to confirm
whether a test missile in 2016 went drastically off course.

Come friendly missile fly uptown, (1)
And knock the Big Ben Tower down,
Turn MP’s trousers shades of brown,
Dun to a tee!

Bounce off bald MP’s with a glance,
Poor Grayling’s taking quite a chance,
And IDS will look askance,
No charge, no fee!

The Trident should then tout de suite,
Divert to where the Press Eds meet,
It used to be quite near the Fleet, (2)
Then let it be!

From here to the Min. of Defence,
Responsible for this offence,
Kill people and hang the expense,
It’s time for tea!

Don’t bother this time hitting Slough,
Give Mrs May a fright right now,
All MP’s tend to lie, and how,
We’ll laugh with glee!

So fly top speed to Maidenhead,
To May’s constituents instead,
Then drop nearby the last warhead, (3)
And make them pee!

(1) A Trident missile fired by the Royal Navy flew off course
and had to be destroyed.

(2) Fleet Street.

(3) Trident Missiles carry several warheads.

© Richard Layton 

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