Tuesday, February 14, 2017

JEREMY’S JEREMIAD! (weekly poem)


More than 100 Labour MP’s ignored Jeremy Corbyn’s 3-line
Whip to vote for Article 50 to enable the UK to exit the EU.

I’d like to sack some more MP’s,
From Labour’s slim front bench;
And cause amongst our right-wing clique,
(Who claim the Party’s future’s bleak)
A fit of House of Commons pique,
And Parliamentary stench.

I’d sack the bloody lot of them,
If I had my own way;
As I’m the only single one,
Of each and every mother’s son,
Who is aware what must be done,
And knows the time of day!

And as for the one-hundred plus,
Who shunned my 3-line whip;
I’ve marked all of their cards today,
And so without too much delay
They’ll soon be on their merry way,
To jump my sinking ship.

That Diane Abbott is supposed,
To be my Number Two;
But she copped out the exit vote,
And left me even less afloat,
With a mendacious sickness note,
‘Cause she felt black and blue! (1)

The problem is I’m running out,
Of my MP’s to sack; (2)
The Labour ship is running slow,  
There’s now far less MP’s to row, 
The number’s hit an all-time low,
I’ll soon be on my Jack!

(1) With an alleged migraine.

(2) Clive Lewis went of his own accord.

© Richard Layton


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