Monday, February 13, 2017

Capitalism causes crime, not immigrants

There is no link between immigration and increased levels of crime, a study spanning four decades has concluded.

A team of researchers led by the University at Buffalo in New York examined census data and crime reports from 200 US cities in the years between 1970 and 2010. They found “strong and stable evidence” that crime rates are not linked to immigration. The study’s lead author Robert Adelman, said, “The results are very clear.”

Higher levels of immigration are in fact related to a drop in some types of crime, they discovered.
“The results show that immigration does not increase assaults and, in fact, robberies, burglaries, larceny, and murder are lower in places where immigration levels are higher,” said Dr Adelman, an Associate Professor of Sociology at the university.

Previous research has shown that people born overseas are less likely to commit crimes than those born in the US. Figures from the US Justice Department analysed by the Cato Institute think tank found immigrants were one-half to one-fifth as likely to be jailed when compared with American citizens. About seven per cent of the country’s population are non-citizens, while five per cent of prisoners in state and federal prisons fall into that category.

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