Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Boom Times in the USA

The US Dow Jones stock index has closed at a record high for the 12th day running.

It is the longest winning streak for the share index since January 1987.

The S&P 500 index also edged two points higher to 2,370, while the tech-focused Nasdaq Composite index rose 17 points to 5,862.
The biggest winners were shares in energy, financial and healthcare firms - areas that stand to gain if Trump's policies spur faster economic growth.
The Dow closed at record highs for 13 sessions in a row in January 1987, nine months before the Black Monday market crash – not that the blog is making any predictions but capitalism is a game of boom and bust...when the bubble bursts, nobody has a clue and that is what capitalist stock-market all about...guess-work. As Marx understood it, we only determine the cause of a recession by hindsight.

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