Tuesday, February 28, 2017



Billy Bragg recently appeared on BBC TV’s ‘Question Time’
dispensing his usual ‘lefty’ half-baked pearls of wisdom.

The beastly bard from Barking town,
Musician Billy Bragg;       
Bangs on in the same genre that,
Appears to be his ‘bag’.
His so-called ‘revolution’ needs,
A Bolshie balladeer;
And ‘wicked Tories’ to promote,
His musical career.
A-chording to our minstrel man, 
This 3-chord coup d’état;
Is plucked from many sources on,
Eclectic folk guitar!

Our Silly-Billy draws a lot,
From Punk philosophy;
Which eruditely means at best,
“Duff up the BNP”!
The punch-ups that he advocates,
At many of his gigs;
Are far superior to that,
Of all the Fascist pigs.
His “Patriotism for the Left
to be won from the Right”;
Consists of imbecilic thoughts,
And shovelfuls  of shite!

That’s why in ’81 he was,
An Army raw recruit;
But peeling spuds for Queen and State, (1)
Somehow did not compute.
Our Billy’s keen on all ‘Home Rule’,
The ‘Independence’ fib;
That for such ‘liberated’ folk,
Is a complete damp squib.
He’s swung from Labour to the Libs,
And last played for the Greens; (2)
The Sally Army waits in turn,
And tunes its tambourines!

(1) Joined the Army in 1981 but bought himself out after 3 months.

(2) In 2010, long-term Labour member Bragg, supported the Lib-Dems.
In 2015, he supported the Greens. He now supports Corbyn.

© Richard Layton

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