Monday, July 25, 2022

Orban - the Racist

 Hungary’s far-right prime minister, Viktor Orbán, has lashed out against the “mixing” of European and non-European races, in a speech that immediately drew outrage from opposition parties and European politicians.

“We [Hungarians] are not a mixed race … and we do not want to become a mixed race,” said Orbán. He added that countries where European and non-Europeans mingle were “no longer nations”.

Orban sympathises with the “great replacement” conspiracy theory, which claims there is a plot to dilute the white populations of the US and European countries through immigration. He said it was “an ideological trick of the internationalist left to say the European population is already mixed race”. He named demographics, migration and gender as the main battlefields of the future.

Next month, he is due to travel to Dallas, Texas, where he will address CPAC, a large gathering of American conservatives. Earlier this year, CPAC hosted a special session of the conference in Budapest.

Viktor Orbán sparks outrage with attack on ‘race mixing’ in Europe | Hungary | The Guardian

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