Thursday, July 28, 2022

Against All Wars


Society has entered one of its darkest phases now. The world is paralysed. The capitalist class is facing a deep economical and political crisis and is seeking a solution.  Some workers believe that the only way to improve the current situation is to promote nationalism and identify nationalism as the only road to freedom. Voices of nationalism have spread all over but nationalism is in fact the obstacle to human progress.

A nation sacrifices its people in wars. If it wins, only those industrialists and politicians can enjoy the fruit of success. If it is defeated, people have to suffer to rebuild the wealth of their rulers. Nationalism is a monster that kills their fathers, mothers sisters and brothers, daughters and sons. The world has had enough and far more than enough of war. We are reminded every day of the inroads that war is making on our lives—less food,  curtailment of our liberties. Worst of all is the loss of the hope of a better world.  We are in the middle of an economic crisis, a health crisis, an energy crisis, a labour crisis. The standard of living, we are told, must go down and we are exhorted to work harder and longer. This fear of the future is not due to any fault or weakness of the working people but simply and solely to the policy of governments and businesses.

Nationalism will not bring security but to misery. It strengthens the state and helps the capitalists plunder the poor. It restricts our freedom; it forces us to fight against our peace-loving nature; it encourages us to compete with people of other nations while we are supposed to help each other. Working people have absolutely nothing to gain from war. Only peace is in our interest. The class war is sole effective guarantor of peace between peoples. It is this war of the classes that we must concentrate upon, and in that connection the war against false values, against evil institutions, against all social atrocities. 

They are really not against war and are not for the overthrow of the system that produces war; they are not really for peace and are not for the overthrow of the system which makes peace impossible. For the capitalist, it does not matter whether he produces guns or butter so long as he produces profit.

Since the war in Ukraine began, the Western media have been used to prove the barbarity, the cruelty, and the oppression of Russian militarism. Conservatives and radicals alike are giving their support to the Ukrainians for no other reason than to help crush that militarism, in the presence of which, they say, there can be no peace in Europe. As long as the class society continue to exist there can be no long-term guarantee that humanity will ever achieve permanent peace. For the bankers and industrialists, for the armament manufacturers  and food speculators, – for all the capitalist vultures who feast on the bloody war, – opportunity to coin billions out of human carnage has arrived again. To camouflage the real character of this merciless plundering and unprecedented pilfering of the people’s pockets, the bankers and bosses have termed the Ukrainian war one of self-determination and national defence

The Socialist Party is for the triumph of peace and fraternity among all human beings. It seeks to end all oppression and of all exploitation of man by man. It has always taught that the workers of all countries are brothers and sisters and that the enemy is the exploiter, whether born alongside us or in a far-off country, whether speaking the same language or another. Capitalism is war; socialism is peace. We believe that there is no fundamental cause for people to quarrel with each other. We believe that international disputes do not originate with ordinary working men and women, but are instigated by the few who profit from prejudice and conflict. The Socialist Party’s energies have always been directed towards the elimination of the causes of war. Our battle cry is and will remain 'War on war!

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