Sunday, October 10, 2021

Turning Britain Wild Again

new tool for assessing biodiversity, known as the Biodiversity Intactness Index, estimates the percentage of natural biodiversity that remains across the world and in individual countries. Biodiversity is the variety of all living things on Earth and how they fit together in the web of life, bringing oxygen, water, food and countless other benefits.

Prof Andy Purvis, research leader at the Natural History Museum in London, said biodiversity is more than something beautiful to look at.

"It's also what provides us with so many of our basic needs," he explained. "It's the foundation of our society. We've seen recently how disruptive it can be when supply chains break down - nature is at the base of our supply chains."

The UK is one of the world's most nature-depleted countries - in the bottom 10% globally and last among the G7 group of nations. It has an average of about half its biodiversity left, far below the global average of 75%, a study has found. A figure of 90% is considered the "safe limit" to prevent the world from tipping into an "ecological meltdown"

Wildlife expert Chris Packham is calling on the Royal Family to conserve nature on their estates and reintroduce animals like beavers and wild boar. He and other conservationists are calling for the re-wilding of the extensive estates controlled by the Queen and her family. 

The Royals are landowners of some magnitude, they own 800,000 acres of the UK, 1.4% of our land surface. Balmoral estate in Scotland is currently used for deer stalking and grouse shooting with very few trees. The average tree coverage is 37% in the European Union, the Duchy of Cornwall estate owned by the Prince of Wales has only 6% tree coverage.

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