Monday, October 25, 2021

UK Vague Green Promises

 Philip Dunne, the chairman of the cross-party environmental audit committee explained, “Encouraging announcements of investment in green sectors of the economy are very welcome but the government admits that claims about green jobs lack explanation and data on how the targets will be achieved.” Dunne said. “Monitoring the sectors and regions where the jobs are needed, and rebooting careers advice that demystifies green jobs, is critical if we are to meet our environmental goals.”

The UK’s net zero strategy, claims to support up to 440,000 jobs by 2030, should have been used to define and measure what green jobs are, the committee said, and called for a detailed action delivery plan. 

The government’s lack of understanding showed up in the green homes grant voucher scheme, where it failed to engage with the sector to develop the skills needed, leading to contractors making staff redundant as consumers awaited confirmation of vouchers.

 Kevin Bentley, the chairman of the LGA’s people and places board, said “Councils know where and in what sectors these jobs will be. It now needs the levers to work with partners to build a skilled and experienced workforce which is crucial to the government meeting its net zero targets and ‘levelling up’ ambitions.

Cross-party MPs deride government’s ‘inconsistent’ green jobs policy | Green politics | The Guardian

Despite its pledges, the British government, according to its own politicians, cannot deliver a coherent and cohesive policy.

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