Friday, October 22, 2021

Fire and Re-Hire

 The government has blocked a new law to curb firms' ability to lay staff off and take them back on different - often worse - pay and terms. The practice is known as "fire-and-rehire".  

Labour MP Barry Gardiner has put forward a bill that says fire-and-rehire should not be allowed unless employees are properly consulted first. Gardiner's private member's bill said employees should be fully consulted on any fire-and-rehire plans. If the employees agreed to it, they could be taken on under new terms, under the proposed new law. But if a dispute occurred between staff and a company, an independent committee would decide on whether the fire-and-rehire could go ahead, the bill said.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "...there is insufficient evidence to show legislation will stop the practice or will be effective."

The government has ordered Conservative MPs to oppose the legislation.

As Marx said, the government is the executive committee of the capitalist class and has a role in protecting the interests of employers,

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