Friday, September 06, 2019

Another Climate Warning from the UN

Many Asian countries’ existing and expanding dependence on coal power is undermining international efforts to fight greenhouse gas emissions and keeping the world on course to see catastrophic impacts from the worsening climate crisis, the United Nations has warned.

Amid surges in demand for electricity, countries including India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam are accelerating their move to cheap coal power.

While some of these nations are also upping the quantity of renewable energy in the mix, its total share for power generation remains inadequate.

Ovais Sarmad, the deputy executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, said, “There are certain countries in this region still relying heavily on coal and fossil fuels as sources of energy, and in some areas that is growing. That’s a very, very serious problem because ..all those gains that had been made in other parts of the world would be completely negated.” He went on to say, “Radical, transformative and highly ambitious actions need to happen at all levels. We have very little time.”

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Trevor Goodger-Hill said...

" . . . . . We have very little time.”

The guy's an optimist.