Saturday, September 21, 2019

Don't be afraid

Society contains many contradictions which have arisen as a result of the fact that production has a social character under capitalism while ownership of the means of production is in private hands. Marxism is the doctrines of Karl Marx which, by means of the class struggle, proposes the establishment of socialism, as a stage in the evolution of societies. The capitalist class is the number one enemy of the working people, in that it ruthlessly exploits and oppresses. Socialist revolution creates the basis for the participation of men and women, young and old, at all levels of society. It’s easy to ignore the scientific reports but it is harder to turn a blind eye to your children and grand-children marching in the streets.

Members of the Socialist Party looks forward to the future with tremendous optimism about the growth of the socialist movement and the prospects for a revolution. Our commitment is to take revolutionary ideas to working people everywhere and to make the prospect of revolution in our lifetime a certainty. Make no mistake, we all have a decision to make. Change the system or face catastrophe. We can choose between a better world or a world of suffering. Despite their promises, governments aren’t doing anywhere near enough to reduce carbon emissions and to counter the already evident effects of climate change. Nations and corporations are still polluting the planet. Saying is not the same as doing. Politicians and CEOs may be sincere in trying to save the World, but are all acting within the parameters of so-called economic feasibility. They want to be seen to curb emissions yet still maintain capital accumulation and business growth. Money is being poured into false solutions such as offsetting and carbon markets and towards unproven techno-fixes such as geoengineering and carbon-capture and storage which are chiefly designed for the continuance of profit. King Midas got one wish. He chose to turn all he touched to gold and starved to death. Capitalists are making the same mistake.

As a world socialist movement we are demanding real solutions, a different economic and political system altogether and one which serves to address the needs of people, not to further enrich corporations' profits. A socialist approach compels us to have access to the fruits of the Earth as a human right, as common goods, not commodities to be bought and sold. Such resources should be controlled by the people, not corporations, for the people, in the their interest. In such a system, we would end over-consumption and sufficiency for all. We offer our support and solidarity to the young people around the World who will keep mobilising and resisting. We invite everyone to do the same but we also urge that they go beyond demanding reforms and instead, declare themselves for a sustainable socialist society. We have no choice but to act when the alternative is to sit and watch our world burn. We have no choice but to act when the alternative is civilisation collapse. If we don't come together and create change now, future generations will remember us as the people who stood idly by and let our world be destroyed. Business as usual is a death sentence to those already on the frontlines of the climate breakdown as well as generations to come. To make it through this crisis we need to tear down the systems that oppress us and rebuild our society to be just, sustainable, and respectful of the interconnected web of life of which we are just one part. We owe it to our planet and to ourselves to fight for a better future with everything that we have. Our world as we know it will no longer exist if we continue down the trajectory that we're going. Something must be done. Time is running out. This decade is our last chance to stop the destruction of our people and our planet. This is our time to join in solidarity with communities around the world to fight for a socialist future. Today is the day we must stand up for all. Now is the time that the passive resignation many experience has to disappear. People, young and old must harness political action for meaningful and effective change.

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