Wednesday, September 18, 2019

There is Hope with Socialism

"We do need hope. Of course we do. But the one thing we need more than hope is action. Once we start to act, hope is everywhere." - Greta Thunberg

We face an environmental emergency unprecedented in human history. The climate crisis is already responsible for suffering and misery. It is clear that the environmental crisis affects everybody, and threatens the survival of many communities across all parts of the globe. If current trends continue, civilisation as we know it is at risk. This is not the result of bad lifestyle choices made by individuals, but of how society is organised.

Many people place the blame on the World having too many people. The problem is not that there are too many people. The problem is society as it is run today. The real blame for the environmental crisis isn't because of people it is the wasteful system of production for profit that is unsustainable. The real blame for the environmental crisis must be laid at the door of capitalism, governments, and the society that these forces have created. Businesses maximise profits when they do not have to worry about the environment, while governments encourage investment when they do not try to impose strict regulations.

Capitalism is a wasteful system of production, organised for market competition and profit. capitalism is incompatible with a livable human future and it has undermined people’s connections to each other and with the nature that surrounds us. For businesses to survive this competition, they profits must be maximised. And to maximise profits, costs must be kept low. So just as paying workers is a cost that needs to be minimised, so is the cost of protecting the environment and disposing of waste safely. Things don’t have to be this way. Instead of fossil fuels, renewable sources of energy can be used. Petro-chemical plastics which are not biodegradable can be replaced by materials which can safely disintegrate.

Capitalism is an inherently destructive system and the only real way to stop the environmental destruction and begin to heal the planet is to create a new society based on human need rather than profit, not based on the relentless drive for profit but on fulfilling human needs; including that of a clean and healthy environment. We will have to use our collective strength to build a new world. Change is coming one way or another, whether we like it or not. The choice is do we let the vested interests of the powers that be determine our future or will we try to shape it for the benefit of all

The world we're living in today, is a capitalist world. It's not a system of society that's been designed to give the human race the means to enjoy a fair, fantastic, bountiful, beautiful life. Capitalism, sometimes referred to as the money system, sees a tiny number of people own and control the Earth's resources. They don't organise the production and distribution of the things we want and need to satisfy humans' well-being. The interest of the one percent – the owning class – is to make monetary profit above all else, to the detriment of Earth, and all who sail on her. That gives them a life of luxury, privilege, and power. People need to understand that the common ownership and democratic control of the Earth's resources, by all, for all, is the only way to stop the damage being done to the Earth. We can all make a difference to the Earth's well-being, to humankind's well-being if we try. The only way to fail is not to try. 

The people of the world need to have a revolution. A revolution to change the world for the best. They need to make a conscious decision to implement a system of society that works in the best interest of mankind. Everyone who can intervene, and doesn't, will be guilty of the crime of allowing the environment to be irretrievably broken. The docility of the world population has contributed greatly to keeping intact the increasingly unequal, barbaric and rapacious society that is global capitalism. 

Because people believe there is no alternative to capitalism, it keeps on existing. Politicians are incompetent to deal with the problem. The real powers of action are with the great majority of people. This will be when we decide to create a society in which we will be free to co-operate and to use all our great reserves of energy and ingenuity for our needs. If the environmental crisis is to be solved, this system must go. What is required is political action - political action aimed at replacing this system by a new and different one. There can be no justification, on any grounds whatsoever, for wanting to retain an exploitative system which puts privileged class interests and profit before the needs of the community, which plunders nature of its resources and destroys the natural systems on which all our lives depend. 



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