Tuesday, March 26, 2019



The US Presidential Election is scheduled for 3/11/20 & already,
the candidates are taking leave of absence from the asylums. 

I read The Beano yesterday,
Is it still on the case?
It's pages don't seem to include,
The Presidential race!
A game of such puerility,
It's hard to comprehend;
Why all the wise guy Yanks then go,
Completely round the bend.
Cheerleaders prance and voters sob,
Opponents cuss and curse;
Such candidates claim they will change,
The entire universe!
Jobs will appear so very soon,
(They've not done in the past)
But this time will be different as,
The jobs are gonna last!
State spending (for the rich) will rise,
Tax cuts are on the way;
So that the rich (but not the poor)
Get wealthier each day.
In the West's great democracy,
To finance their campaign;
The candidates need lots of bucks,
But few cells in their brain.
So if you're an oil magnate from,
Say Texas in the south;
You'll need a greasy pocket and,
A smooth and slippery mouth.
But if you're a dirt farmer from,
The Oklahoma Bowl;
You might as well just crawl right back,
Inside your dust-bowl hole.
For in this sham democracy,
The dollar sign is king;
And real democracy, you schmuck,
Don't mean a doggone thing!

© Richard Layton

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