Friday, March 15, 2019

Slaughter in New Zealand

At least 40 Muslims have been murdered in Christchurch New Zealand, by right-wing islamophobic terrorists. Yet another atrocity in the name of religion. Right now the world is suffering from international acts of terrorism at a level unprecedented in recent times; hardly a day goes by without an act of terrorism - or certainly the threat that one might occur.  Acts of terrorism by individuals and small groups are in response to a warped rationale which suggests that the only way they can place  their objective on to the world agenda is to kill people. The victims in Christchurch were innocent and without any influence over the agenda that motivated the murderers.

The World Socialist Party (New Zealand) opposes terrorism, individual, group or state. As socialists, it fully empathises with the feeling of popular revulsion that follows acts of mass murder. The solution to the ongoing insanity, we insist, remains the same. There is one world and we exist as one people in need of each other and with the same basic needs. There is far more that unites us than can ever divide us along cultural, nationalistic or religious lines. Together we can create a planet worth living in. We need people across the world, united in one common cause – to create a global society in which each person has free access to the benefits of civilisation and technology, a world without borders or frontiers, social classes or leaders and a world in which production is at last freed from the artificial constraints of profit and used for the good of humanity – socialism.

Ending terrorism is one of the tasks of the WSP(NZ). Terrorism must be eradicated by putting an end to the hardships, discrimination, exploitation and oppression that lead people to desperation and make them fall prey to reactionary ideas and inhuman organisations. Our response to terrorism is to continue to fight for the creation of socialism, an open, free and equal society in which people, their lives, dignity and well-being are fully valued. Until then, this sad state of affairs will carry on relentlessly and regardless of our wishes and hopes.


ajohnstone said...

The death toll climbs to 49.

ajohnstone said...

Hours after dozens of people were killed in an attack on two mosques in New Zealand, a man was attacked "with a hammer" and a "batten" outside an east London mosque.
A group of three men shouted Islamophobic abuse as they drove past the place of worship on Cannon Street Road, eyewitnesses said.

They called people attending Friday prayers “terrorists”, they added.

A few worshippers followed the blue car, only for the men to climb out of the vehicle and attack one of them with a weapon, thought to be a hammer. Police said the 27-year-old victim sustained head injuries.