Wednesday, March 20, 2019

London Public Meeting on Brexit

2pm, Sat, 23rd March

Quaker Meeting House, 
20 Nigel Playfair Avenue,
 London W6 9JY

Brexiteers and Remainers will persist in presenting the illusion that their interests are in the interests of us the working class, the “national interest”,  when in the end, there is very little for us as a class to gain, although at an individual level there may be advantages and disadvantages.

Our role as a party is to offer a class analysis which has led us to conclude that we should stand aside regards support or no support for those who say they speak for us but instead continue to criticize the hypocrisy of them all.

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Trevor Goodger-Hill said...

I appreciate your brief and accurate statement (above) whether England, Scotland, Wales and part of Ireland stays within the European Union has little consequence to the working class in its essential role as a toiler for profits for the owning class. All the alphabetically-described trade deals between nation states has no bearing on our class, other than deluding us we (hopefully) will have jobs to continue our wage slavery.

Has the World Socialist Movement (logically the SPGB since it’s on their national turf) produced such a clear and basic analysis in, for instance, leaflet form to enter the political fray to get these specific socialist ideas across? I can’t remember reading of it in the Socialist Standard either.

It would be great if you had such a piece to distribute at the encounters you describe in the item – and you could even enlighten us with an informational posting of such text on the WSM Forum. [I do understand that all work for the party is done through volunteer labour and limited to WSM members only – and there is only so much any one person can do.]