Monday, September 13, 2021

Jettison the Labour Party


Sharon Graham, the general secretary of Unite, has been saying something the Socialist Party has always counselled our fellow workers don't rely on the Labour Party.

"We can’t keep hoping for the election of a Labour government to solve our members’ problems. Putting all our eggs in the Westminster basket will not deliver. When did the parliamentary Labour party win a collective bargaining agreement at a workplace? Fighting for our members must come first. We cannot have the political tail wagging Unite’s industrial dog any longer."

"We need to get back to what it says on the trade union tin: fight for jobs, pay and conditions...So for me, it’s about going back to the workplace. A powerful union capable of winning disputes and workplace battles is the only way workers will be protected through the pandemic and beyond..."

Of course, Graham still retains the delusions of past trade union leaders that have always been a flaw in the movement when she says: 

"We want companies to do well so that our members can share in the benefits. So Unite will have no issues with what we might call “good bosses”... "

My union will no longer rely on Labour – fighting for our members must come first | Sharon Graham | The Guardian

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