Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Climate Change - The Human Rights' Threat

 “The interlinked crises of pollution, climate change and biodiversity act as threat multipliers, amplifying conflicts, tensions and structural inequalities, and forcing people into increasingly vulnerable situations,” UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet said. “As these environmental threats intensify, they will constitute the single greatest challenge to human rights of our era.”

The UN rights chief cited “murderous climate events”, including the fires in Siberia and California, and floods in China, Germany and Turkey. Bachelet warned severe droughts could additionally force millions of people into misery, hunger and displacement.

Addressing the environmental crisis is, therefore “a humanitarian imperative, a human rights imperative, a peace-building imperative and a development imperative”

Environmental threats ‘greatest challenge to human rights’: UN | Climate Change News | Al Jazeera

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