Monday, August 12, 2013

It Is The Same The Whole World Over


Following on from yesterday's posting,it seems Jingoism and Nationalism is infecting Russian politics.

 At a camp for migrants in Moscow's Golyanovo a protest against the concentration camps and the persecution of foreigners." On Thursday morning, about 10 people unfurled a banner with the text "Illegal people do not exist" and lit smoke bombs. They chanted, "Today workers - tomorrow you", "No borders, no deportations". None of the activists were detained.
The protesters demanded political rights of migrants be provided. "We - the anarchist (s), artist, and queers - came today to the Moscow concentration camp in Golyanovo to say that people should not be illegal - .. candidates for mayor of Moscow are trying to outdo each other in the dehumanization of hundreds of thousands of Muscovites who do not have a "passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation". "
The action at the concentration camp in Golyanovo.

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