Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Facts of the Day

A. P. Møller–Maersk is  not a household name.

A. P. Møller–Maersk is Denmark’s largest company, its sales equal to 20 percent of Denmark’s GDP. Its revenues in 2011 were $60.2 billion, only slightly less than Microsoft’s. Founded in 1904 its subsidiary Maersk Line operates the largest container shipping company in the world, with a fleet of six hundred vessels.  Its ships use more oil than the entire nation.  Its E class ship Emma Maersk, built in 2005, can carry at least fifteen thousand containers. Triple-E class ships, expected in 2014, will carry eighteen thousand and be able to fit a full-sized American football field, an ice-hockey arena, and a basketball court in their holds.

It is active in 130 countries and has 117,000 employees. It is looking for and drilling for oil and gas in Denmark, Angola, Brazil, Greenland, Qatar, Algeria, Norway, Iraq, the United States, and Kazakhstan. If you have visited Denmark, you have probably shopped in a Maersk-owned supermarket. You can save in a Maersk-owned bank. The list of its companies and subsidiaries is twelve pages long, double columns.

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