Saturday, December 12, 2020

The $740,000,000,000 War Profiteers


The Democratic Party joined the Republicans to ensure the passing of the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act—a behemoth bill authorizing $740 billion in U.S. military expenditures.

 Erica Fein, advocacy director at the peace advocacy group Win Without War, said in a statement:

"First and foremost, the FY21 NDAA authorizes nearly three-quarters of a trillion dollars in Pentagon spending. As people across the world reel from a devastating pandemic, as families struggle to pay their bills, as communities of color go starved for resources, funneling billions more into an overpowered war machine is an act of utter inhumanity."

The women-led anti-war group CodePink said the military budget "out of control...the Pentagon is asking for a whopping $740.5 billion—more than half of the country's discretionary spending, the majority of this money goes directly to perpetuating violence, destruction, and endless war." It continued:

 "The Pentagon's absurd budget harms Americans at home as well, by diverting funds that should be used to benefit the American people such as universal healthcare and welfare programs, and by fueling violence on our streets. Even the modest 10% budget cut many congress-people are calling for could vastly improve the lives of millions of Americans and lessen our country's damage abroad."

Bernie Sanders commented, "Endless money for wars? No problem. Endless money for tax breaks for the rich? No problem. Endless money for corporate welfare? No problem. But when it comes to providing a $1,200 direct payment to the working class during a pandemic, somehow we can't afford it. Not acceptable."

With Endless War Abroad and Endless Suffering at Home, Peace Group Warns Against Making NDAA Fight All About Trump | Common Dreams News

But it is perfectly acceptable to the political duo-poly and you have always known this, Bernie.

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