Thursday, December 31, 2020

New Year greetings


For members of the World Socialist Movement every year so far has been an annus horribilus. The good news for 2021 is that the president of the world’s foremost super-power will not be Donald Trump. The bad news is that it will be Joe Biden.


As the new year begins according to tradition it is necessary to make plans for a new life. At the start of another new year it working people look backwards to the past and forward towards the future, taking stock of what has already been accomplished and of the work that lies before us on the path to our full and complete emancipation. The past year has been a year of fear for many. Let us make 2021 the year of awakening and hope for all humanity and that we will overthrow capitalism to establish a free, equal and humane society in the next new year  


Despite the weaknesses our movement may have our brightest hope for the coming new year is that our work to bring about world socialism can be consolidated and expanded. In 2021 we hope that by our common efforts shall win over many more fellow-workers to the socialist message. The WSM reaches out our hand of comradeship and extend our new year’s greeting to all our co-workers in every part of the world. 

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