Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Can you see clearly now?

 Socialism Or Your Money Back Blog December 8th

Who has all the wealth? 

The top 1% of households globally own 43% of all personal wealth. The bottom 50% have only 1%

Whence comes  this myopia

that perpetuates this dystopia?

You don’t need 2020 vision

to make an informed decision

From ill used sea to shining sea

There’s none so  blind

as them as will not see

It’s clear as day.

You’ve already been shown the way.

Socialism Marx the spot.

Look to the light you sightless masses!

Throw of the mask of servitude

you don’t have to ask to be free

Tell the bourgeoise that it’s

the final battle of the classes

We owe them no gratitude

for reclaiming what we produce.

Introduce them to the truth

It’s ours not theirs!

It belongs to you and me.






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