Thursday, January 27, 2022

Profit Put Before the Elderly

 France’s government pledged to investigate what it called “absolutely revolting” allegations that a world leader in care for older adults has been putting profit before quality, rationing food and other items for nursing home residents. 

Orpea, with more than 1,100 care homes in 23 countries, has been accused of shoddy and rapacious care in an investigative journalist’s book. The journalist, Victor Castanet, said in a television interview that an intermediary offered him 15 million euros ($17 million) to drop the project during his research for “The Gravediggers.” The obsession with cost-cutting in Orpea's retirement homes is leading to serious "dysfunctions", according to the book

Quoted in the book was a former Orpea nursing home employee who alleged that sanitary protections for residents were rationed to three a day in the care unit with a “terrible smell of piss” where she worked.

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