Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Insulin Rip-off

Americans pay around two and a half times as much for prescription drugs as people in other developed countries.

 Prescriptions cost so much because the pharmaceutical industry wields monopoly control to set and keep drug prices high. 

So while the U.S. makes up only 15 percent of the global insulin market, it accounts for nearly half of the revenue that these corporations bring in every year. 

Insulin prices are on average eight times higher in the United States than in 32 other countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Turkey.

 In one study, one in three Americans has skipped refilling a prescription.  In another study, one in four Americans who rely on insulin also admitted to rationing it

Opinion | Big Pharma Companies Have All the Power With Families Like Mine at Their Mercy | Annemarie Gibson (

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