Sunday, February 07, 2021

They say: It's Time To Put A Price On Our Planet

 The Dasgupta Review, commissioned by The Conservative Government, argues Capitalism should be reformed so the environment is an economic consideration (The Metro, 3/2/21).

The report, by Cambridge University professor Partha Dasgupta , says plants and wildlife should be treated like financial assets and economic gauges such as gross domestic product be replaced by new models.

He has suggested that nations could pay Brazil for protecting the Amazon rainforest.

At an online Royal Society event, David Attenborough said: 'How valuable it would be if economists were able to value an asset that as one value to local people and another globally.'

Prince Charles said crises like climate change and global debt were 'interrelated and their solutions must be too'. 

Boris Johnson added: 'Far from existing in opposition, the economy and our ecology are inseparably intertwined.'

George Monbiot said the review was 'intellectually vacuous'.

In a worldwide Socialist society, which would operate without money, taxes, shares etc., there couldn't be a financial price put on plants and wildlife.

Anything produced would be because it is needed to satisfy our basic needs for food, shelter and health.

There would be no buying and selling. We would produce goods that don't cause damage to the environment.

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