Saturday, February 20, 2021

The cold harsh reality

 Around 120 million more people were pushed into extreme poverty in 2020, a number that could rise to 150 million in 2021. 

An estimated 250 million jobs have been lost around the world, 

And the number of people affected by acute food insecurity was estimated to have doubled to 272 million by the end of last year. 

More than a billion children have been out of school during the Covid-19 pandemic,  they will be less likely to find jobs and fulfil their potential, and girls are much less likely to return to the classroom.

People who have lost their main source of income are struggling to feed their immediate households and are unable to send much-needed remittances to their families in rural areas.

Industrialised countries have spent up to 20% of their GDP on stimulus packages. But for the poorest countries, that figure is less than 2%.

Pandemics, world recessions and the climate crisis do not respect national borders. The answer must be global. Strong and sustained cooperation is essential. The longer the delay, the deeper the damage will become.

A “business as usual” approach will not deliver. 

The number of people in need is frightening – we need a global response | Debt relief | The Guardian

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