Sunday, February 21, 2021

Indian Capitalists Look After Their Interests

A report by Rani Singh on BBC Radio 5 Live was delivered on The Dotun Adebayo Show - 16/2/21 stating that Rihanna and Greta Thunberg voiced support for the protesting farmers in India.

Dishi Ravi, who works for Fridays For Future with Greta Thunberg, retweeted a Tweet from her colleague which caused her to be imprisoned for sedition, conspiracy and a call to wage economic, social, cultural and regional war against India.

The Indian government is at loggerheads with Twitter because activism has been  spread through Tweets. It is using Koo, which uses five Indian languages, to try and combat this.

India is a market which interests many countries. The U. S. government has stated: 'It's good to have private investment in India.'

The reporter continued by saying: Myanmar borders Bangladesh and India and Myanmar is India's biggest arms buyer. For India a stronger Myanmar military means more arms sales.

Rani Singh also said: China has encircled India with its sphere of influence by making big investments in the countries in infrastructure that surround India, particularly Bangladesh and Pakistan.

As we have seen in the past governments continue to look for new markets, raw materials and spheres of influence which will benefit the Capitalist class.

Only in a worldwide Socialist system will we see production and distribution which is of benefit to everyone in the world.

There will be no class system and there will be no military.  


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