Thursday, February 25, 2021

French Births Fall

  Linked to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of babies born in France in January fell by 13 percent, the biggest drop in 45 years. 53,900 babies born in January 2021, down from 62,180 in January 2020

National statistics agency INSEE said that the "context of a health crisis and huge uncertainty may have discouraged couples from procreating or prompted them to postpone their parenting project for several months".

In 2020, the number of births in France fell to its lowest level since World War II, with 735,000 children being born. In 2020, the birth rate in France fell to 1.84 children per woman, compared with 1.86 in 2019.

Covid-19 pandemic blamed for biggest drop in France's births in 45 years (

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