Thursday, February 18, 2021

Can't Pay, Can't Have

 Mexico has made a plea at the UN security council for countries to stop hoarding vaccines against Covid-19 as poorer ones fall behind in the race to vaccinate their citizens.

Three-quarters of the first doses have been administered to citizens in only 10 countries while in more than 100 countries no vaccines have been applied at all.

 “We urge countries to avoid hoarding vaccines and accelerate the first stages of Covax deliveries, to give priority to countries with fewer resources,” Ebrard said. “It is urgent to act, to reverse the injustice that is being committed because the security of all humanity depends on it,” Ebrard said.

So far no vaccines have been distributed under the global Covax initiative. Officials from the Pan American Health Organization said on Wednesday that countries could expect confirmation of their Covax vaccine shipments soon, although the first batches were expected to be small.

Mexico calls on rich countries not to hoard coronavirus vaccines | Mexico | The Guardian

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