Thursday, February 18, 2021

Glorifying war again?

 The Common Sense Group of Conservative MPs has proposed that the 1,761 recipients of the Victoria Cross and George Cross be immortalised with a statue in their place of birth. 

The Common Sense Group’s campaign has been warmly greeted by both the culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, who said he “looked forward to discussing these ideas further”

Sir John Hayes, the chair of the Common Sense Group,  “Tragically, too many who have given and achieved so much have been all but forgotten. In many places, locals may be unaware that they tread in the footsteps of heroes. Which is why the Common Sense Group has launched a campaign to honour every recipient of the VC and GC through the erection of a statue, immortalising them in their place of birth. Where this is not practically possible, these heroes could be recognised by a plaque or have a public building, park or road named or renamed after them.”

More war hero statues 'wholly retrograde' move, says UK women's group | Heritage | The Guardian

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