Thursday, February 04, 2021

Holding the Bosses to Account

 The accounting giant KPMG has paid its 582 UK partners an average of £572,000 each in the middle of the Covid crisis.

KPMG’s UK chairman, Bill Michael, collected £1.7m.

The High Pay Centre thinktank said remuneration levels at KPMG were still extreme when compared with the salaries of regular UK workers, particularly those who faced financial hardship during the Covid outbreak.

"...the scale of these packages are still unimaginably high for the vast majority of British people, many of whom would have to work decades to earn these sums,” said Andrew Speke, a spokesman for the High Pay Centre.

The rival accountancy firm BDO came under fire in December for paying its 264 partners an average of £518,000 each, while refusing to repay £4.5m in furlough money that it said kept 700 staff on its payroll.

KPMG pays UK partners average of £572,000 each | Business | The Guardian

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