Thursday, April 18, 2019

Street Stall (Folkestone 20/4)

Saturday, April 20, at
Folkestone Town Hall, 
(junction of Sandgate Road and Guildhall Street), 
CT20 1DY 

Arguing with left-wingers is not always a fruitful way for Socialist Party members to spend their time.

"We've got the wrong leadership" is their perpetual cry. 

Many political groups fancy themselves as "leaders" of the working-class. 

We do not. 

We say that workers should spurn would-be saviors and organise for socialism democratically, without leaders.

The left-wing's basic dogma is that workers cannot understand socialism or at least, not without the constant guidance of an enlightened vanguard. Those on the left may protest at our description but an examination of their policies and platforms shows that "consciousness" means merely following the right leadership. Their's. They are the "intelligentsia", the revolutionary officer corps to command the rank and file.

When the Socialist Party suggests that the majority of the population must attain a clear desire for the abolition of the wages system, and the introduction of a worldwide money-free community, they are quick to respond that such proposals are "too abstract" or "too academic." They urge a campaign of getting "something now", that "half-a-loaf is better than no bread."

The Socialist Party's guiding principle is not hostility to reforms but hostility to capitalism; and since its aim is socialism its whole policy in regard to reforms is dictated solely by the needs of the class struggle for socialism. It declines to be side-tracked into raising mere advocacy of reforms to equal importance with our goal. The politics of the Socialist Party is to convince the working class of the need for socialism, and to organise for its realisation.

Our lack of enthusiasm and critical attitude toward reforms is that we know them to be, in the main, fraudulent. What's given with one hand is snatched back by the other hand. A look over the past years demonstrates how austerity cuts by both Labour and Tory proves this.

We can produce evidence, ad nauseum, to show, that to focus the working-class mind upon piece-meal proposals, simply plays into the camp of the capitalist class. As workers we are all individually engaged in the struggle to improve or defend our wages and conditions of labour but the Socialist Party itself is only concerned with one struggle; the struggle for socialism. To this end it must keep the struggle as clear as possible of being misconstrued. 

Our advice to fellow-workers is don't trust anything anybody tells you - not even those who are in the Socialist Party. Instead, visit our street stall, talk to us, challenge us, be suspicious of us, read our pamphlets, criticise them. When you decide we are right, which we are sure you will rightly conclude, then join us. 

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