Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Social Mobility Stagnation

Inequality will remain entrenched in the UK "from birth to work", the Social Mobility Commission has warned. Its State of the Nation report said the situation had remained "virtually stagnant" since 2014.
The report found those from better-off backgrounds were almost 80% more likely to be in a professional job than their working class peers.
It said the numbers from professional backgrounds who were in professional jobs had risen slightly, from 59% in 2014 to 60% last year.
In contrast, only 34% of those from working class backgrounds had professional jobs last year, slightly up from 32% in 2014.
Dame Martina Milburn, who was appointed as the new chairwoman, said, "Being born privileged means you are likely to remain privileged. But being born disadvantaged means you may have to overcome a series of barriers to ensure you and your children are not stuck in the same trap." 

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