Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Returning Asylum Seekers

Zimbabwean asylum seekers who were forced to attend meetings with officials from their home country have been threatened with removal, in a move believed to be part of an agreement to “repatriate” thousands of failed asylum seekers to the country.

Lawyers believe these interviews formed part of an agreement between the British and Zimbabwean governments for the UK to “repatriate” 2,500 Zimbabwean nationals in return for aid money. The Home Office did not deny the allegations.

Other Zimbabwean nationals who attended the interviews in December have been ordered to attend Home Office meetings in the coming week, and said they were “terrified” that the government was also planning to remove them.

Solicitor, Kathryn Hodder, who is seeking to submit an injunction to prevent his removal, said she believed the alleged agreement between the Home Office and Zimbabwean officials could be acting in breach of UK immigration rules, which prohibit “actors of persecution” being directly informed that an application for asylum has been made. “But it looks like this government wants aid from the UK, so it’s just part of politics – we’ll give you money if you take back your people.

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