Tuesday, February 26, 2019



We must ensure it never happens again”. The stock government
response to all manner of man-made disasters that have been
invariably caused by safety cutbacks designed to boost profits.

We'd all be rich if paid a quid,
When MP's say in vain;
“We must ensure such tragedies,
Do not occur again”.
But mostly so-called accidents,
Occur because the cost;
Of safety is by far outweighed,
By fear of profits lost.

Thus time and time again we hear,
The same old tired tale;
“We'll introduce new systems that,
We guarantee won't fail”.
“We'll pass new legislation and,
Ensure firms train their staff”;
If only it weren't serious,
It would be such a laugh!

And when the hue and cry dies down,
And headlines have moved on;
The good intentions melt away,
The promises are gone.
The same old cutbacks creep back in,
And leaders look away;
And once again we ordinary folk,
Will be the ones that pay.

© Richard Layton

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