Tuesday, February 19, 2019



If human society can agree to co-operate to compete,
there’s no reason why it can't agree to just co-operate.

Co-operating to compete,
Is what we humans do;
So why not just co-operate,
And forge a world anew?
Co-operation's what's made us,
The force we have become;
Then to compete when there's enough,
For all, is wholly dumb!

All competition's the result,
Of just the grasping few;
Who in the war to grab some more,
Kid us we need to too.
The man on Clapham's omnibus,
Has no stake in this war;
He gets the under table crumbs,
Whoever he works for.

And competition's a cliché,
For false efficiency;
As sending coal to Newcastle,
Shows its deficiency.
Our Earth is big enough for all,
There is enough to share;
We don't need businesses to flog,
Their market laissez-faire.

© Richard Layton

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