Sunday, December 16, 2018

Who are the Maoists?

Chris Patten has just called Rees-Mogg's European Research Group "Maoists":
"Tory grandee Lord Chris Patten compared hard line Brexiters in the party to “rodents” and branded them “bullying fanatics” and “Maoists”.

 He told the BBC: “It is impossible to get a deal on the European Union and our relationship with it which is both in the national interest and satisfies the Maoists in the Conservative Party'." 

It's more apt than perhaps he thinks. Try and work out who wrote this:
"Under her deal, the EU would keep our cash and control of our laws, trade, borders and waters – and, backstop or not, even of our defence. This is the deal that the EU has always wanted, a deal that seals us back into the EU, paying it however much it wants, with no rebate. A deal under which we would have no say, no vote, no control. 

(...) Now May is off to Brussels again, arms raised up in mock supplication. She should stay there, and leave the job of implementing Brexit to someone who believes in it."

No, it's not Jacob or one of his cronies calling for Boris or some other Leaver to take over. It's the latest idiotorial from the "Communist Party of Britain Marxist Leninist":

So, which way round is it? Are the ERG Maoists or are the CPBML Tories? In any event, both are extreme nationalist numbskulls.


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