Friday, December 28, 2018

Green Growth? No Chance

Socialism Or Your Money Back blog often come across articles that express similar views as ourselves. An article called  "Better Technology Isn’t The Solution To Ecological Collapse" caught one of our reader's eye. It is worth quoting from.

"...When green growth theory was first proposed, there was no evidence on whether it would actually work–it was purely speculative. But over the past few years, three major studies have set out to examine this question. All have arrived at the same rather troubling conclusion: Even under best-case scenario conditions, absolute decoupling of GDP growth from material use is not possible on a global scale..."

 "...our existing economic operating system–capitalism–has a design flaw at its core. It requires that we produce and consume more and more stuff each year. If we don’t, then firms collapse and people lose their jobs and livelihoods. So it’s time to make room for new systems to emerge–systems that don’t require endless exponential growth just to stay afloat. This is where we need to focus our creative energy, rather than clinging to the false hope of “green growth” fantasies..."


Anonymous said...

"There are thousands hacking at the branches for one hacking at the roots" I believe is a quote from Henry David Roseau. We need thousands hacking at the root of capitalism and that can only come when the working class recognizes it's historic mission and makes 'short shrift' of capitalism. At this point that prospect seems remote although instances of the class struggle are evident though largely unreported in the capitalist media. Thanks for your enlightened commentary.

ajohnstone said...

A good quote. I'll use it in the future