Monday, December 31, 2018

Solidarity with workers worldwide

Through the perversion of democracy to the ends of plutocracy, labour is robbed of the wealth which it alone produces, is denied the means of self-employment, and by compulsory idleness in wage slavery, is even deprived of the necessaries of life. Human and natural resources are thus wasted, that this plutocracy may rule. Ignorance and misery, with all their concomitant evils, are perpetuated, that the people may be kept in bondage. Science and technology are diverted from their humane purpose to the enslavement of men, women, and children. We believe that capitalism is a blood-sucking system which causes all economic development to benefit the ruling class. Either we as a people will continue down the unsustainable path of upholding capitalism’s callous disregard and neglect of human and environmental needs; or, we as a people will seek out and develop a new vision for the future and the world in which we live. The Socialist Party seeks to offer a new vision for our fellow-workers.

Against the capitalist system, the Socialist Party enters its protest. Once more it states its fundamental declaration that private property is the obvious cause of all economic servitude and political dependence. The time is fast coming when, in the natural course of social evolution, this system, through the destructive action of its failures and crimes on the one hand and the constructive tendencies of its trusts and other capitalistic combinations, on the other hand, shall have worked to its own downfall. We call upon the people to organise with a view to the substitution of the co-operative commonwealth for the present state of unplanned production, class war, and social disorder; a commonwealth in which every worker shall have the free exercise and full benefit of his faculties, multiplied by all the modern factors of civilisation. We call upon them to unite with us in a mighty effort to gain by all practicable means the political power. We believe that the liberation of working people throughout the world will come as a result of our own efforts. We believe it is our duty to our mothers and fathers, our children and ourselves, to organise ourselves to overcome our exploitation and oppression. We believe that all people are a part of a single entity. We believe that the genuine freedom of people everywhere is irreversibly linked to the creation of a unified socialist world. The Socialist Party believes that a new society must be organised and built that can serve the interests of the majority.  

Our Declaration of Principles is not only a concrete expression of this commitment to building a better world but also a guide to achieving it. The Socialist Party, as a political party of working people, provides a vehicle through which workers can strengthen and develop their political power. The Socialist Party is not a party of “outsiders,” attempting to influence through pressure. We are an integral part of our class, an organisational expression of socialist and class-consciousness. As a political party of working people, the tasks of the Socialist Party are not merely limited to activism. The struggle for a socialist transformation of society is a conscious effort, requiring an understanding of events taking place and the ability to formulate a common response. Thus, the Socialist Party is as much a party of education as it is a party of political activism. There should be no division between the “leaders” and the members; all members of the party must be able to take on the tasks necessary to advance the struggle for socialism.  Capitalism creates the necessity among working people to struggle against its system effects which confront them. Even without a conscious socialist movement, resistance will occur, albeit spontaneously and blindly. This is the unconscious expression of the fact that workers have nothing to lose except their illusions and everything to gain through the overthrow of capitalism. To succeed, however, this movement must elevate itself to the position of a ruling class by winning the battle for democracy.

THE SOCIALIST PARTY is a party of principle. With us, there are no hidden agendas and no secret deals.  Our principles are non-negotiable. We will not give up our vision for a better world for the sake of votes or legislative maneuvering. When you vote Socialist Party, what you see is what you get.

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