Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The real drug pushers

Seroquel was launched in 1997 for treating schizophrenia and later for bipolar disorder. John Blenkinsopp, the company's former UK medical manager, claimed he was pressurised by the company's marketing arm to approve claims about the drug which he felt did not reflect the medical evidence.

"The clinical studies at the time of the launch of Seroquel showed patients developed significant weight gain, significant both statistically and clinically . They [the marketing team] came at me with a number of potential claims all of which were trying to intimate that Seroquel was not associated with weight gain - the data pointed in the opposite direction. I had some robust discussions and exposed them to the data but that didn't seem to stop them because they were desperate for a differential advantage over one of the competitor products and they didn't have one. In the end I was put under quite a significant amount of pressure by the marketeers to sign off claims with regards to the lack of weight gain..." John Blenkinsopp, AstraZeneca's former UK medical manager claimed

Thousands of patients are suing AstraZeneca in US courts, claiming the drug Seroquel caused weight gain and diabetes. The patients allege Seroquel, its second biggest selling drug worth $4.5bn (£2.7bn) a year, was marketed without adequate warning about possible side effects such as massive weight gain and the development of diabetes.

Drugs, as with all else that is produced in this world today, are produced for one reason only – to make a profit.


Unknown said...

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